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I?m normal mannnnnnnn

When I was 10 and a half, the Batman movie came out. My parents wouldn’t let me see it, but they did indulge me in several items of Joker-wear (the Joker being my favorite bad guy, and a large part of why I was into seeing a Batman movie) that I wore all the time.

With neon colored shorts.

Ok, so 10 and half year old me was not exactly cool. He didn’t think so, but it was true. So even though I probably would have killed for it had it been available in 1989, this jacket wouldn’t have helped.

10 and a half year old me and his neon yellow shorts are super psyched right now, even if he has no clue what streetwear is or what exactly “I?M NORMAL MAN” is supposed to mean. And then there’s this:

Apparently, there are a lot of uncool adult 10 and a half year old me’s in crotch rocket gangs out there, because I count 5 of these up right now, in varying sizes from M to XXL. I’m pretty sure the lettering is embroidered, which adds a touch of class. And dig those Joker playing card elbow patches!

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