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From Grey Matter to Blood Splatter

Steve Niles, best known for 30 Days Of Night, has been ablaze on his blog and Twitter advocating for creator-owned comics. The fact that someone who makes their income almost exclusively on non-Big Two material should come out swinging for creator-owned material is no surprise. But the fact that Steve (and a number of others) can make the time to pump the efforts of the little guys is impressive. I thought we’d take a second and look back to remind ourselves that Steve Niles isn’t this year’s flavor who got lucky with a film deal- he’s been in the trenches for as long as anyone. I’d also like to point out that he was in Grey Matter, a band with a discography worth picking up. And, this part is important, he put out his early material through my childhood local comic store’s publishing endeavor, FantaCo Enterprises. Grey Matter records are available through Dischord Records, and FantaCo material can be gobbled up on Ebay for reasonable prices (demonstrated by the auctions below). Do yourself the favor of checking both out. Even if they aren’t for you, they are great time-capsules.

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