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The Lawnmower Man.

When they made the movie version of Stephen King’s The Lawnmower Man, they dropped the ball. So much so that King sued to have his name taken off it. To my knowledge, he didn’t feel the need to do so for the Marvel Comics adaption found in the pages of Bizarre Adventures #29…

The Walt Simonson illustrated adaption of King’s short story is the only real reason to ever pick this up, as Simonson knocks it out of the park. Sad to say, nothing else in the issue is memorable. The only other story in this I can even partially remember had to do with Jewish vampires and a cult or something. To which I say: meh.

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The Only One That Matters.

There are a lot of Stephen King comic adaptions around right now. Marvel has The Stand, The Dark Tower, and N; a company called Del Ray is doing The Talisman… and I’m not interested in any of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE Stephen King fan. I really am. And King has always had a good relationship with comics; he was one of the writers for the X-men Heroes For Hope special, he wrote the introduction for Batman #400, and he’s writing the origin story for the lead character in DC/Vertigo’s American Vampire. But I have yet to find anything in the comic book adaptions of his work that succeeds in capturing the intensity of the source material, either in script or art. So there’s really only one Stephen King comic book adaption I have even the slightest interest in:

That’s right. Creepshow. Show me someone who doesn’t love Creepshow and I show you someone who doesn’t love all that is right and good about comic books and horror movies. For me to pick it as the only King comic book adaption that works should surprise pretty much no one, seeing as Creepshow was King and George Romero’s love letter to EC Comics horror anthologies and their ilk. So it stands to reason that things would come full circle, and the movie version of a horror comic would then turn around and be adapted as a horror comic, illustrated by horror comic legend Bernie Wrightson. If you ask me, it’s the only comic adaption of a King work that actually works, let alone matters.

For some reason, these are always put up in Ebay stores for super high BIN prices, so the auction above seems like a pretty good deal if you’re looking to grab it for less than 100 bucks (are those stores serious? Auctions for this usually end at around 30 bucks!). Plus the seller is throwing in the softcover version of Cycle of the Werewolf, a severely under rated (and severely short) King written, Wrightson illustrated, wolfman story. While not a full blown comic, it’s only 120 or so pages, and it’s comic book sized, so it fits better on the shelf with graphic novels than it does with the rest of the Stephen King library.

Highly recommended.

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