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These Are The Progs of Our Lives

I’m in a really futuristic mood today. While the date is no longer in the future, the magazine 2000AD is still as progressive as ever. This week will include some catchall posts about the influential rag. A small sign of my love.

First, let’s talk about how good the bad covers of this series are. I can’t tell if this cover would have grabbed me as a kid, but I can say for sure that it grips me as an adult. Is it crappy? Very. But does it have my undivided attention and would I consider framing it? 100%. Right now it sums up my life.

And if you crave an auction with a slightly higher price tag attached to it, check out this original page by Carlos Ezquerra. It’s the first appearance of Gronk, the terrified alien who added so much to the Strontium Dog series. And yes, I know this is from the pages of Starlord, but it was absorbed into 2000AD very soon after the publication of this page so let me live.

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