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The Halodeck is Even Cooler Than You Think

I’ve failed to post the last few days but I’m confident that once you hear why, all will be forgiven.

How much do you know about porn? The business of it, I mean. Well, for the uninitiated, the porn industry is seeing the same drop in sales due to pirating that music and comics are. Maybe worse. So in an effort to make products with ample crossover to the mainstream and induce a collector’s market, they’ve banked on parody. Parody porn, as you might have guessed, takes properties you’re familiar with and gives them an adult spin. Some are done well (seriously) and others are poorly made turds. Just like mainstream movies.

So what does this have to do with me? Well, I’m on the set of a Star Trek the Next Generation parody at the moment. And it rules. The set looks nearly as good as mainstream sets I’ve been on and the talent is more interesting than any mainstream film I’ve seen in a long minute. That’s why I haven’t given you any auctions to check out the past few days. I hope you forgive me. Back to normal (sigh) tomorrow. In the meantime, hit this auction and study up.

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Strange New Worlds…

Often involving Greek/Roman mythology.

I mean, seriously, the Star Trek writers loved that stuff. Like half the starships in the fleet had Greek/Roman names. And The Romulans? Hello??? And then there were episodes like Bread and Circuses. And Who Mourns For Adonais. And… well, ok that’s all I can actually think of. But there’s this:

So it wasn’t actually an episode. It should have been. Like you wouldn’t have killed to see Shatner hamming it up while fighting a guy in a giant cyclops costume.

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Alicia Silverstone, You Suck.

You were such a poser Batgirl.

This is what a REAL Batgirl looks like…

And this is what a REAL Batgirl looks like holding an adorable little puppy dog…

Sorry Little Miss Clueless, but Yvonne Craig owns you in every way.

What’s that Alicia, you say you’re green with envy? Well guess what…

She’s got you beaten there too.

Face it, Silverstone. You lose.

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