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Wolverine #48-50 “The Shiva Scenario” Comic Set

I remember buying this three part series back in the early 90’s from Thunder Road Comics. This was my first venture into Wolverine. Up until that point I had been a Spiderman and Punisher fan. I think it was the awesome artwork by Marc Silvestri that attracted me to it. carmsadoll is selling this for a decent price. In today’s comic market it is really hard to sell anything. But if you like a good origin story told through flashbacks with ensemble of guest stars this is for you. Logan is back at it trying to discover who he is and where he came from.

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I now pronounce you Spidey and Wife!!!

I was digging around in the attic the other day and I came across my suit that I wore to Peter Parker’s wedding. Man did that bring back memories. I remember being late as usual, I had to catch the train from Jersey and meet up with Harry Osborn. I ended up getting their just as they said I do. It was a great time they had a great caterer at the reception. The best part was when Wolverine helped cut the cake. MJ and Pete grabbed Logan’s wrist and held it down to cut the cake. Cap had been drinking and he started serving cake of his shield. Everyone was laughing their asses off. I ended getting drunk of my ass and hooked up with Gwen Stacy. Now she ignores me every time I see her. Man that was a great time, and to think Pete kicked Electro’s ass earlier in the day. That is a true pimp.

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Spiderman #1 Autographed

josiedad is selling my favorite Spiderman cover. I love when Todd McFarlane illustrated the Spiderman series for Marvel. This lot is awesome for the price. You get two autographed Todd McFarlane Spiderman number 1’s(variant covers). I was also a big fan of Spiderman 300-350. Some of the best storytelling and art work came out at that time.

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Aurora Models Rule.

I’ve said so before. Many times. But it’s been awhile since I’ve stumbled upon any. So I’m real psyched to see the 4 of these (5 if you count the 2nd Batman model) up all in row courtesy of seewolfesplace.

The Hulk has that sick metallic sheen, and Batman is pretty pristine looking, but I think I like the Superman one the best. Sure, it’s beat. That’s why I like it. It looks it’s age.

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Random Comic Book Friday$…

Having my search functions set on highest priced worked so well last week, that I must admit I cheated just a tad and spent a good chunk of my day browsing high prices auctions with bids just so that when the time came to do the RCBF search, my settings would be ready to go. I’m shady, what can I say?

Look at those prices man. Every dude out there over the age of 40 is kicking himself for all the comics their parents threw out on them over the years, I guarantee you. And that second auction? It’s a LOT of 564 comics! There’s even a list! With pics!

Just more proof that I really need to win the lottery.

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Stegron The Dinosaur Man.

In my last post, I mentioned how some of my earliest superhero exposure was through the Spider Man feature in The Electric Company magazine. It was also my earliest exposure to one of the best worst Spider-villains ever: Stegron the Dinosaur Man.

Love this guy. He’s basically the Lizard, only a dinosaur. Get rid of the humans, rule a world of lizards, only instead of lizards it’s dinosaurs. Gotta love it.

Ol’ Steggy doesn’t get out all that much, but he still shows his scaly face every now and again, usually in some form of Savage Land related shenanigan. You know what’s weird though? His name is Stegron, and in all his mainstream Marvel appearances, he looks the part. Orange skin, spikes down the back, big tail… yet, and I swear I’m remembering this correctly, when I first encountered him in the pages of The Electric Company, he had green skin, no tail, and triceratops horns. I can find nothing to back this up, but I swear that’s how he looked. Which of course makes no sense since he was still Stegron the Dinosaur Man and not Triceraton the Dinosaur Man…

Am I seriously the only one who remembers him looking that way in that appearance? I even know the issue number: Electric Company magazine #113. Alas, there are no copies up on eBay right now for a confirmation purchase…

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Spider Man Lot.

As a child of the late 70s, some of my earliest superhero exposure came from Spider Man’s Electric Company appearances, both on the tv show and in the magazine. Mainly the magazine. As this was the 1970s, the company line was to draw Spidey exactly like John Romita did, which explains why to this day the Romita/Kane/Andru era Spidey is some of my all time favorite stuff. So lots like this, that span the decade? A jackpot.

Ah Cyclone… you never really got your due, you French version of Whirlwind you.

Please note issues 150 and 170 both taking the same “all my enemies are attacking me… I must be going MAD!” route, right down to using the same exact lines. I got a kick out of that.

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Another Random Comic Book Friday.

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Ain’t No Fun Waiting’ Round To Be A Millionaire.

Especially when you look up comic book auctions on eBay all day long and get to watch auctions like these that you know are going to bring in some serious bank for both the seller and the buyer.

This first auction is only at $76 right now, but given the spectacular condition, and the fact that there’s still 6 days to go, it’s guaranteed to skyrocket…

This second one especially makes my eyes turn green and the drool start leaking from my mouth. Amazing Spider Man #2-50, sold as a lot. Good God do I wish I could get in on that high bidding action.

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Random Comic Book Fridays #2.

Some good stuff this week on Random Comic Book Friday, where I enter “comic book” in the search field, hit enter, and post the first two things that come up.

This week, it’s apparently all about Spiderman.

This second auction is particularly interesting, as it’s a “chase” auction, where you pay your $19.99 and get sent a comic picked at random from the ones pictured. Highly appropriate for Random Comic Book Friday.

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