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I now pronounce you Spidey and Wife!!!

I was digging around in the attic the other day and I came across my suit that I wore to Peter Parker’s wedding. Man did that bring back memories. I remember being late as usual, I had to catch the train from Jersey and meet up with Harry Osborn. I ended up getting their just as they said I do. It was a great time they had a great caterer at the reception. The best part was when Wolverine helped cut the cake. MJ and Pete grabbed Logan’s wrist and held it down to cut the cake. Cap had been drinking and he started serving cake of his shield. Everyone was laughing their asses off. I ended getting drunk of my ass and hooked up with Gwen Stacy. Now she ignores me every time I see her. Man that was a great time, and to think Pete kicked Electro’s ass earlier in the day. That is a true pimp.

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