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Spider Car, Spider Car… why the eff is there a Spider Car?

I never got the Spider Car.

I don’t mean that I didn’t have that toy as a kid, cuz I did. What I mean is, even at 4, I never understood why Spider Man needed a car. Aside from the whole crawling up buildings and swinging across town on webs thing, there’s the fact homeboy lives in NEW YORK CITY. Have you ever tried to drive in NYC? I have. In everything from a 2 door coupe to a 25 ft moving truck. It’s not pretty. You know how the Green Goblin dropped Gwen Stacy off the George Washington Bridge? If Spidey had been driving the Spider Car, she’d still be alive, because puny Parker would have straight up never gotten there, and the Goblin would have gone home out of boredom.

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