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The Time Has Come

It’s Monday and that means MORE Auctions From the Dark Underbelly of Original Art! Our weekly installment of sellers plying wares only suitable for weirdos adults.

Let’s start with this killer Cheetara piece by Mac. Did you enjoy the cartoon ThunderCats when you were 7 years-old? Do you want to masturbate to those memories? Here’s some reference material.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Red Monika was or why she was so popular with artists dealing in busty portraiture. A little research yielded an interesting find: She’s supposed to look like that. She’s from a book called Battle Chasers that I made fun of my friends for buying a decade ago. Maybe her giant chest is a sort of parody, or maybe Joe Mad realized that big breasts rule and, in the absence of substance, provide something for the readership to latch onto. Alex Lei learned that lesson well. Here’s his take on Monika.

The winner of this week’s Darkest of Underbellies award, here we have a sketch of Spider-Woman. I guess. Who can tell? Her face isn’t visible and only the hint of a spider costume is implied. When I first saw this piece by Alex Oliver, I presumed I was looking at Hooker-Crying-After-Punch-In-Mouth but, no, this is Spider-Woman.

More next week! Perv’d out fan art and pro commissions are like like solar energy. Sustainable! Renewable! We’ll have an endless supply until the sun explodes!

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Top 100 Summer Comics #57

Alright, let me just put this out there.

I am a goddamn SUCKER for 1970’s Marvel characters. That makes the past 7 or so years of modern Marvel action right up my alley. And also a very cliche’d and ill received vibe by those more refined comic illuminati. But you know what?

Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care, don’t care… doooonnnn’t care.


#57 – New Avengers 23

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #73

Spider-Woman made a huge comeback in the last few years.

I am all for it. For about 15 years, she was completely misused, abused, and overshadowed.

When Jessica Drew finally came back, Bendis did it right.

#73 – New Avengers 23

This was an awesome example of that. After the events of Secret Invasion, I don’t know where this issue stands. Was this Jessica Drew, or was it some Skrull queen? I don’t know. I don’t want to. Bendis and Oliver Coipel did a killer job of helping define a character so flawed she seems screwy even by Marvel standards. Vulnerability is rarely a trait that defines a character, but the creative team did just that while maintaining a strong character without falling into any typical prat falls of female “weakness”. Dig it. Keep it up.

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Did I click the wrong link?

“Wait. Is this my daughter’s blog feed?

Why is there a box of rings on this comic blog? 

I am not interested in this. BAH.” 

But wait… let’s pop the hood on this “fashion rings” disguise.

BOOM! Marvel hero rings. I wish I could find a better image somewhere online but no luck. Looks like a big selection, with Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Ghost Rider, and Dr. Strange.

Overall the selection makes some sense, considering the time frame this likely comes from. I’m actually shocked NOT to see a Power Man and Iron Fist ring, but hey, the 70’s was unpredictable like that. (Not that I’d really know, I’m an eighties baby). Spider-Woman was basically the female Gambit of the 70’s – came out of the gate raging, but eventually fell out of popularity. I would bet money on a Gambit resurgence in 2015-2020. Bank it. Captain Marvel was big, Ghost Rider was huge, and the Hulk and Spider-Man both had bigger mainstream success. Dr. Strange also somehow found his niche – I’ve always really liked Dr. Strange but never really understood his popularity. Time to pull out the long boxes because my father was a huge Dr. Strange head – the only book he would buy old issues of. 

 Can’t see this being purchased for the price tag, but who knows. Maybe the Mandarin has a lot of kids with a whole lot of fingers…

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