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Art Adams Career Missteps Are Still Pretty Good

I really hated this crossover(?) and I didn’t think it was Adams’ best work. That said, it’s still better than 90% of comic artists, dead or alive. Celebrate that tacky “let’s drop every character who sells into the same book for a week” nonsense with this poster. Take it up to Adams at a con and see if he doesn’t wince just a little.

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Thanos Week, our parallel to Shark Week, continues with this odd find. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about a copy of Marvel Two-In-One, even if it’s an annual. So why so pricey?

Could it be the appearance of a certain moon-dwelling death-obsessed space weirdo? Could have something to do with a prune-faced demi-god? I think so.

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I Needed A Time Machine To Find A Decent Hulk Shirt

Had to hop in the way-back machine and go through bins at Woolworth to find the shirt of my dreams. Thanks, 1980s. You know how to make comics seem counter-culture, even if they were selling far more copies at the time.

IRON-ONS! I don’t know what the chances of these working in 2012 is, but at that price it’s entirely worth taking a chance. Plus, NOTEBOOK PAPER.

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Steal Sean Philips

Why is this piece of original art by the impossibly great Sean Philips, featuring incredibly popular characters, not going for lots of money? That’s for the seller to worry about. All you need concern yourself with is the purchase, mounting, and framing of this beautiful thing. Created as the recap page in an issue of the Kingpin series, this is just a solidly designed piece that any fan of the characters or artist should consider a steal at this price. Buy!

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Rep Your Set! Comic Book Attire For the True Superfan

Toss it out to the world that you love comics. Fly your freak flag high!

This is casual attire for a townie bar or a comic book convention. Clever.

I don’t buy leather jackets. Is this overpriced? Buy it anyway just because the dude is doing some variation on “The Fonz” in his auction photos.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen. You know what you must now do. Purchase.

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Battle of the Lames

Which of these two forgettable villains that existed just to further the plot and had no energy or motivations of their own is lamer?

Guy in a stupid jetpack with laser wrists, CHANCE!


Terribly designed cyber blade jet shoe purple-hair clown, SPEEDFREEK!

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Really Odds and Ends

So is it Grey Wednesday? I’ll be all over the Black Friday sales, but right now lets focus on gifts that don’t need sale prices. These are low-cost nicknacks for the people in your life you only somewhat care about.

Like the sort of person you would get a Berserk manga mousepad. Or any mousepad for that matter.

Or how about this set of Andy Cap smoking novelty toys(?)? If you can find the novelty cigarettes to go in their little mouths, they actually smoke. Perfect for young ones!

Here’s a good gift for no one. A full set of novelty (see how often that word comes up when dealing with low-cost, low-demand goods?) Spider-Man Euros. Money that can be used nowhere! Hurrah!

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Here Comes the Bride

Last week I promised a bunch of 2000AD-related posts and I meant to make good on that promise, I really did. But my sister got married and it pushed everything back. Cut me some slack. For today, let me settle in while you take a look at marriage in comics.

Let’s start with the end-all of comic book weddings. This is iconic. People have this tattooed on them. It sets the bar and I’ve never seen it matched.

And here’s a slightly less-memorable comic book wedding issue.

And, finally, the least-memorable comic book wedding issue to come with two collectable cards and currently sell for less than cover price.

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Interesting RCBF today, as I’ve never heard of the first comic that came up this week…

Anyone heard of that first one? Totally new to me. The only Second City’s I know are the comedy tv show and the Saints. And before any one poo poo’s that Spidey issue as looking boring, it’s got Silvermane, Man Mountain Marko, AND the Lizard, all drawn by John Romita. I wouldn’t turn down a read.

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Guilty Pleasure File.

I was perusing Comic Book Resources the other day, and I saw an article that made me giddy. One of the few late 90s Spider Man villains that I ever enjoyed, and a long time resident of my Guilty Pleasure File is making a comeback during the Fear Itself event. That villain?


There’s a couple reasons I think this dude was awesome. Number one, his costume. The late 90s were a time of giant shoulder pads to be sure, and admittedly I could do without them (and from the preview art at CBR it looks like they’re gone), but I’m a sucker for the white and blue costume scheme (see X-Factor era Cyclops and the Blizzard), so it worked for me. The other main reason is that his shades of gray origin was ahead of it’s time: he was a doctor who swore a vendetta against business men who placed profits before people, because a company withheld the release of medication that would have saved the life of his brother. So yeah, I’d say now is actually a REALLY good time to bring Cardiac back into the pages of Spidey (we won’t get into how they blew a prime opportunity a while back to bring him by doing a storyline where Electro went after the bankers who lost his savings). But since that’s not happening, I’ll settle for a one off story in an issue of Fear Itself: The Front Line.

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