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Rick Rolled

They got me. Funny joke, Marvel. I picked up Spider-Man 2099, a really poorly-conceived Elseworlds-style series that answered the question no one was asking, “What if Spider-Man was set in 2099?” And I picked it up because I love Spider-Man and I love Rick Leonardi. I was Rick rolled. Because this thing was near unreadable. On its own merits it might have been “ok”, but with the name Spider-Man attached, how could it ever hope to measure up? Everyone reading it is thinking, “ok, cool, I guess. But I want to read the REAL Spider-Man doing shit I can relate to on some level. Not this guy driving a hovercar.”

Still, look at the Leonardi art on this signed first issue. It’s so strong it makes you want to pick it up even now. Even knowing it’s near-unreadable, you want to touch it. That’s the power of Leonardi.

And check this one out just because I’m a freak for production art and maybe you are too.

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