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Faster Than Litigation (Though Most Things Are)

Sonic is in the news at the moment. A creator who worked within the Sonic-verse (yeah, that’s a real thing), Ken Penders is at war with Archie, Sega, and EA. It’s been going on for a minute now; he claims characters he created were co-opted by the Sonic video games without properly crediting him or paying him royalties owed. Go make yourself knowledgeable on that via Google.

I love Sonic. But I’m yet to tackle the series. The reasons for that are twofold: A. It’s a true epic at this point. So many damn issues. B. I tried. The first few issues were so difficult to read, it made me question if I had suffered brain trauma.

I may try again.

Here’s cover art from penciler Patrick Spaziante and inked by Harvey Mercadoocasio, featuring the characters of Sonic and Ixis Naugus. I, for one, had no idea Sonic’s eyes worked like this. Is he squinting? Wouldn’t that large eyelid close instead of just his pupil? Do I not understand hedgehog physiology?

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Post-Convention Psychosis

NYCC is over and the post-convention Ebay insanity has begun. Witness 100% markups! Thrill at promotional giveaways being sold for hundreds of dollars! It’s the fun of living in the most prosperous nation in the world. Spend! Sonic commands it!

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