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Break Out the Peyote, Going On a Vision Quest

The Vision is an interesting character. He’s like Spock- we shouldn’t be able to relate to him, but we can’t help it. Being perfectly logical and making sense is cool when you live in a world filled with insane villains and your best friends wear weird outfits despite not having secret identities worth protecting. So I always liked that dry humored android. I think he did pretty alright in the lady department for a guy who seemingly has no game whatsoever.

Here’s two very different visions of The Vision.

This is original animation art from some Deadpool cartoon that made its rounds on the internet. I think the internet is a good place for Deadpool. It’s made to be immediately digested and forgotten about just as quickly. Deadpool is the Tron-outfit guy of the comics world, so the internet should be his stompin’ grounds. Antoine Dodson has more pathos and depth than Deadpool, as evidenced by this art which takes The Vision and somehow manages to further neuter a character we weren’t confident had balls to begin with.

And here’s a George Perez cover piece from some book I never read. It’s a fight in CYBERSPACE! For those of you under the age of 30, cyberspace was a cool place to fight villains in the late 90’s. Now it’s a little beat. This art is fly, but I’d just as soon see these characters fighting in line at Taco Bell. Way more interesting than cyberspace.

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