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Top 100 Summer Comics #3

Probably the most frequent recurring theme in this list is John Byrne. He’s one of those figures that you know is a big deal, but maybe not even realize just how BIG of a deal he’s been. For example… Michael Eisner (you know, that Disney guy) was involved in what seems to be about 40% of pop culture from 1975-1995. Even just on the surface he was responsible for a lot of movies and television, but if you do some further investigation, you’ll see how knee deep he was in even more stuff. Listen to him on this Bill Simmons podcast (if you’re not interested in sports skip to about 34 minutes in).

#3 – Avengers Annual 14

John Byrne is that for comics. He was a force in every major Marvel book from 75-95 at one point and has had career defining runs in at least 4 different books. His DC work is so on point that they basically allowed him to reset the ride on SUPERMAN. Not some throwaway character, the most popular comic hero of all time.

This issue we have a classic Roger Stern comic, Skrulls, Avengers in space, but through it all we have John Byrne on breakdowns (aka rough pencils) and he absolutely shines. The story is awesome and was given a nod during the recent Secret Invasion storyline, and works very well on a completely stand alone level. Would love to see this in a collection, if it already is, point me in the right direction.

But yeah – John Byrne, hats off. It makes you review how the greatness of the Claremont / Byrne run on Uncanny X-Men should be given to one over the other.

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