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I know I’m going to regret this…

I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for years. Ever since high school in fact, when I read the solicitations for it in an issue of Previews. It’s ridiculously hard to find, and there’s a huge chance I’m going to try and scoop this for myself, but I’m duty bound to at least mention it, so here it is: Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy’s Skin.

That’s right. It’s a comic about a thalidomide baby that joins a gang of skinheads. At the time it was reasonably controversial; not enough to get a lot of major media uproar or anything but enough that it took a couple years for it to find a publisher. As such, it has never been reprinted, leading to it’s hard to find status. Milligan would later go on to be better known for his re-imagining of DC’s Shade the Changing Man (one of the first comics to swap over to the Vertigo imprint), and for X-Statix, his re-vamp of Marvel’s X-Force, while McCarthy, tho remaining relatively obscure in the US comics world, would have a great deal of success in the UK, and as a designer for television and film.

Seriously. Skinhead thalidomide baby. How can you not want to read this?

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