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Arthur Adams, Chapter 2: For the penny wise

With such a wealth of work, it’s not hard to find those big name items.

They just come with those big ticket prices.

What about those of us who just don’t have that kind of money lying around? No worries. Many cool items abound to add to a unique Arthur Adams appreciation.

His two most(?) recent sketchbooks, made in very limited quantities. Chock full’o rare and never before seen images. I want to see these. I want to own these. Hey, I can afford to, too!

I feel like I’ve espoused my love of the Modern Masters series before, but this is the ABSOLUTE bible on an artist as soon as it comes out. Comprehensive, definitive, complete – these are an a treasure and I plan on owning as many of them as I can. Great content, both written and visual. A must.

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There’s the Marvel way…

And there’s the John Byrne way.

Either way, you’re learning from the pros.

And in fact, at certain points I think you could argue that the Marvel way was the John Byrne way. This 1985 sketchbook / guide includes such creepy weirdness as (the seller states) “(including nudes!)”

Nudes or not, I bet this is a solid purchase. And I’m willing to bet Solson Publications didn’t make a whole ton of these…

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