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Get This Before the Live-Action Remake Makes It Lame

I love this item listing. The auction title speaks to great optimism on the part of the seller.

Truly, a cool shirt though. And, who knows? Maybe the remake will be cool.

Nope. It won’t.

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Shirt Hunt: Part One. The Punisher

So it’s midnight and I got it in my head that I want a classic Punisher shirt. Maybe presentable, more likely worn under a button-up for good luck. Struggling to get through pages of awful shirts got me thinking about comic book shirts in general and I’ll be keeping that theme for the next few days.

Here’s the best Punisher shirt I could manage to find. It’s not classic, and it’s not truly awesome, but it’s really pretty cool for a new item. Or maybe it sucks and I’m just used to looking at even worse shirts. Whatever. This one is good for neighborhood pickup football games.

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Try Not To Get the Blood of Criminals On It

After scouring the internet for a wearable Punisher shirt, I’m happy to report I found a COOL Punisher shirt. Not only would I wear this, but I will wear this unless one of you beat me to it.

Look at this. Crisp, white shirt. Zeck art on an empty field. Beautiful. This makes me want to hit the streets and start my own war on crime. Forget those hideous shirts and jackets being produced now. Go classic. Go 1987.

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Interesting concepts aren’t always well executed…

No idea when this shirt came out. The print would suggest it’s a more modern design, but the whole style… no clue. Well, here you go. Either the best or the wort Flash shirt ever.

I almost feel like someone had a poorly tie-dyed blue shirt, and some blazed out design dude with way too much authority saw it, murmured “hu-huh, hu-huh” and came out with this. C’mon DC.

And this is why there won’t be a successful FLASH movie anytime soon…
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Punisher. Wolverine. Jim Lee. In the jungle.

Probably the work that put Jim Lee on everyone’s radar, Punisher / Wolverine : The African Saga is what it is. A great platform for a young artist to kick ass.

The story is fine. I enjoyed it. But for the life of me, I can’t remember any of it. Help?

Regardless… here’s a classic 80’s t celebrating it. Wow.

How do you know it’s original? Oh, I bet our friends over at teetilldeath recognize this tag. Screen Stars. The official brand of all great 80’s t-shirts.

Oh and in case you actually wanted to read the book, it’s out of print. Wha? How does that work?? Two of Marvel’s biggest characters, drawn by one of the most popular artists of all time, and it’s not in print?! Someone throw up the Spidey Signal and get to work!

Luckily… here’s an out of print collection of this series. Thank us later.

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Our Neighbors to the North

Let’s be real: Alpha Flight is the coolest hero team imaginable. They’ve got mutants; they’ve got freaks of science; they have people living an alternative lifestyle; they’ve got aliens; they’ve got spirit animals; they’ve got robots sort-of; they’ve got tumblers; they’ve got something for everyone. Everyone except the American comic-buying public who repeatedly shun the Flight like it’s Power Pack. Those fools don’t know what they’re missing. This book had real moments of greatness. This shirt emblazoned with Alpha Flight characters has nothing but moments of greatness. It’s great all day. Byrne’s finest hour.

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Castle. Frank Castle.

The Punisher is one of the original “good guys gone bad.”

A really stark contrast to even the Marvel characters, he’s been the basis for many comic heroes across the board, especially since he’s successful run as Marvel’s favorite anti-hero in the Punisher War Journal of the late 80’s. Jim Lee got some of his earliest steady work there. 

Please note someone putting a $4.00 price tag DIRECTLY OVER the Jim Lee autograph. Oof. 

In recent years, Garth Ennis had a killer run that even I followed, even though I’ve never been the biggest Punisher man. Hopefully there can be a better Punisher post in the future, but I came across this shirt and was really just feelin’ it. Good style for any time. 

Everyone needs a good Batman shirt…

And unless it’s strictly a “logo” tee…

It was probably not made in this decade. 

The shirt below fits what I’m looking for, but it’s not exactly right. Couple weird things about it, but at least it’s heading in the direction of what I’d want in my Batshirt. I’ll let the seller take over from here because sometimes they absolutely nail the descriptions. For further humor, PLEASE click through to see the creepy photo that for some reason accompanies this auction. 

 Vintage 80s Batman T-Shirt, not sure if the shirt is licensed, but its still awesome.
The shirt is in perfect vintage condition soft thin perfection.

This makes Jar Jar seem cool.

Recently, my enjoyment (relative) of the Star Wars prequel movies came up.

And a friend said “There’s nothing worse than Jar Jar.” 

To which we got into some debate, and inevitably came down to the fact that he would indeed prefer to be Jar Jar in a “Star Wars On Ice” production which involved some singing and voice acting along with obviously skating around in a Jar Jar outfit to.. something. I can’t remember what it was, but it was pretty bad.

This is worse. Much worse.


I don’t think this is, but if someone told me it was officially licensed, I’d believe them. smh.

I think I can wear this.

I was going to complain about how I wished there were cool comic book shirts like this when I was a kid. 

I think that often, but it has yet to stop me from owning at least three but no more than five comic book related tees. (One of the counted is an Infinity Gauntlet thermal shirt, so not a tee, but something I feel warmth in my heart over owning.) 

But then I thought about it. Jack Kirby. Thor. Iconic image. Tight design. 

Next time I come across one of these in my size I will be purchasing it. I think it says that you like comics, but not in an ironic way, and that clearly you are an adult but hey… it’s a t-shirt. Dig it.

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