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San Diego Comic Con Inspires Gangsterism

So it begins.

The exclusives at SDCC are appearing on Ebay now. Expect a bunch of auctions that display a subtle yet unmistakable cynicism by featuring items that were given away that morning. Promotional items seen as a write-off by the companies handing them out will be seen as nuggets of Ebay gold by enterprising con-attendees. So it goes.

I’ll be at the event, that hive of scum and villainy, and will report back in a couple days. Wish me safe travel among the rogues.

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If It Had Exploded, Would It Have Gone “DOOM”?

I hate to keep beating the Thor drum over here, but I saw a funny news story last week, and it just so happens to fit in with the Thor promotional item for sale in this auction…

Police evacuated the bus terminal in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, Friday afternoon after a suspicious package was discovered across the street. The Michigan State Police bomb squad was called in, and it was determined the mysterious package was merely a briefcase-shaped media kit promoting Acura’s involvement with Marvel’s Thor.

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I’m sure the MPD were thrilled when they realized that not only was this not a bomb, but that they don’t actually get to join S.H.I.E.L.D. if they pass the test.

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