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When I was young, my folks gave me money for a Nintendo. I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I remember this. It was the most money I had ever held and I was shocked my parents allowed me walk to the toy store by myself carrying that sort of loot. At the store, I spent a lot of time staring at the NES I came to purchase. Then I bought a Sega Master System.

I don’t know why I made the decision I did, but it resonated with me for years after. I’m still a Sega man. I’ve always dismissed Nintendo has “for little kids” (Wii confirmed all that, if there was any doubt before). If Sega made a game system today, I’d probably opt for it over the competition.

Comics are the same way. At Fay’s Drug in¬†Delaware¬†Plaza, I picked up Web Of Spider-Man — not The Blue Beetle — and the rest is history. “Make mine Marvel” and all that. Even now, with an expanded palate that includes the “important” DC work, I still don’t really know many of the company’s characters. Hawkman, for example. Is he like Thor? He’s from some hawkland or some shit? Why is he here? I don’t have the answers, but if Hawkman was still being penciled by Shelly Moldoff, I would probably pick his books up. Check this auction. I’ve seen Shelly stuff I like better; stuff that makes more sense; stuff that pops more. But this is just so straight-up and honest, it’s hard not to love. It makes me want to learn more about Hawkman, and Hawkland or wherever the hell he’s from.

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