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Ultimates it’s not, but we’ve all got to make rent I suppose.

Bryan Hitch is one of the best in comics. Even if you hate his style and blame him for the “decompression of comic story telling” (but that’s a phrase for hicks who don’t understand there is more than one way to tell a story, so I know you wouldn’t use it), you’ve got to love his precision. When he’s on his game, there are few who do BIGGER better than he does. This page may not be one of his finer moments, but it’s a fun, affordable collectable that celebrates a career that made careers for those around it and contributed to the medium being used in new ways. Buy.

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The Jocks Had The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue…

We had the Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Specials.

It’s ok.

You’re into it. You can admit it. After all, what red blooded American male teenage comic nerd didn’t wonder what She-Hulk looked like in a bikini at least once…

Or Storm.

Or Rogue.

Or Sue Storm and… Namor???

Hey, some teenage boys are like that. It’s fine.

Just don’t try to hide yourself in a sand castle at the beach. Then you’re a weirdo.

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