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Excellent and underrated

Perhaps one of my strangest comic book obsessions is the oddball era of the Avengers circa issue 300. The team was in a very weird place and honestly, the Avengers (West Coast) were almost pulling the trump card on them. They had Iron Man, Hank Pym, and the Wasp, three of the original members. and long time favorites Hawkeye and Vision. But somehow a rag tag team of Captain America, Thor, Quasar and… whoever was around (really, look at the cover. She-Hulk and Black Panther. Before that? Gilgamesh, Mr. Fantastic, and the Invisible Woman.) worked JUST enough with some off kilter stories that the true version of Avengers found it’s way.

Throw in the Lava-Men, mindless lava creatures who took down a pretty bad idea (Avengers Island? Ew.) and this is a must have. You can find it in all sorts of used bins, but I’d scoop this copy up quickly. Comics at their finest.
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