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Shazam, driving.

As a dog person (aka I have a soul) I was confused about this.

I guess it could also be attributed to my lack of knowledge of the toy car scene. That said, when I saw this listing I was thinking about some sort of outfit for a dog. I mean, I’ve seen much weirder?

Vintage Corgi Junior “Shazam” Captain Marvel

Dig the fact that it looks like Shazam is in the car driving? Quick thought – why would anyone who can fly drive anywhere? *Things that make no sense…

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DC Archives Lot.

You really can’t go wrong here. Not just because these are hardcover, fully restored, editions of classic comics, but also because of the possible savings. The DC Archive editions have a cover price of $49.95. Buying one from Amazon or something? That’s still about 40 bucks, give or take a couple. But this is EIGHT (count them, EIGHT) Archive Editions, starting at $39.99 with only one bid, and according to the description, many are brand new.

I highly doubt this will end anywhere near what it would be if you added up the price of each individual book, so no matter how you slice it this is going to be a great deal for somebody.


Captain Marvel, DC comics version. 

I don’t know why, but for some reason I always liked the idea of Captain Marvel more than Superman. Maybe it was the mini-cape. Maybe it was the “Shazam!”… but it was probably just the lightning bolt. So cool. Simple. It wasn’t an “S”. Imagine if you walked around wearing clothing with the first letter of your name dead center? COOL, Kal-El. 

Nothing says Shazam like getting this patch, sewing it on the left chest of your jean jacket and going on down to the county fair, impressing all the ladies. 

Three words. Buy. It. Now.

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