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Strictly Business

One of the sad realities of comics is that they are a business. They may be art, but money keeps the presses running. So it shouldn’t really surprise anyone when a clueless corporation with no regard for the labor put into a comics universe buys it out and turns it to diarrhea. No, not a surprise. Just sucky.

Prior to the diarrhea mission statement of their new owners, Valiant did something all the other would-be usurpers to the Big Two’s throne were unable to do- produce great comics.

This post isn’t a slam against Fabian Nicieza’s editorial efforts after Acclaim Entertainment acquired Valiant. He brought in great talent and I’m sure many of those books are worthwhile. But there was something altogether unique about Jim Shooter’s editorial period. Later, when Acclaim realized they are a video game manufacturer and not a comic book company, it was already too late. Good titles died young. My Valiant favorite: Archer & Armstrong. Fun book. Check it out.

Another book I really liked, at least through the first dozen issues, was Shadowman. Like Archer & Armstrong, this book made it easy to just pick up and start reading.

A number of the flagship Valiant books (Solar; Turok) never hooked me. But I’m getting nostalgic and I think I’ll check those out soon. In the meantime, take my recommendation and check the auctions above. If they don’t suit your fancy, search out one that does for those two titles. You won’t be disappointed.

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