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You Know Who Was Good at Self-Promotion? Hitler.

Typically, I wouldn’t use this blog as a platform for self-promotion. If I ran a crab shack, Comic Noize wouldn’t be the avenue I’d use to push it. Likewise if I owned a propane refilling business, a company that made unlicensed Grateful Dead bear stuffed animals, or a dental dam manufacturer- this would not be the place to advertise. But because I want to work in comics, Comic Noize seems like a viable means to get the word out.

My writing partner and I have spent the past few months developing ideas and bringing scripts to fruition with the help of some really talented artists. We’ve put together a number of pitches and are working on several more. Only seemed fitting we’d slap a name on our efforts, so we went with Ashcan Press. We built an online home for ourselves so publishers (and anyone really) could check it out. That’s over at Ashcanpress.com and the obligatory Facebook page for those who find standalone websites too “old timey.”

What does that have to do with today’s Comic Noize blog post? Not much, except my partner and I are working on a book set during WWII. It’s been on my brain a bit and I found myself looking through my comic collection as well as Ebay for reference. I stumbled across the following auction. What struck me about it was that Hitler is given an appearance mention as if he was any other Marvel character. I thought about the fact that I own many comics that Hitler makes a cameo in, but — to my knowledge — not one that includes Gandhi. That’s interesting to think about. I think it probably has to do with the fact that everyone likes to see Hitler punched in a comic book. I might write it into the one we’re working on just so I can cheer at my own book.

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