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The GROOsome Details

There’s commissions, there’s sketches and there’s whatever this is. A doodle? This is the sort of thing I would love to own. It’s like having a study of a study from Picasso. Is it the marquee work? The stuff that gets a feature exhibit at museums? No. But it is the sort of material that rounds out a great collection and has added value to artists because it demonstrates process. This is the last step you can retrace before you enter the artist’s brain. That’s gotta be worth something. Check out this auction and see if it’s worth the seller’s minimum starting bid.

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I Love This Funny Mustached SOB

I’m going to get heavy with another set of Groo posts soon, but in the meantime I’d like to point out a sub-set of weirdo collectorism: Sergio Aragones doodles. Sure, they’re sketches, but really they’re doodles. The best doodles in the world. And apparently people recognize this because some of these go for a healthy bit of scratch.

I love this man. Seriously, if I hadn’t already gotten my boyhood wish of being adopted by Sergeant Slaughter at age 14, Sergio Aragones would be my choice of father. Because what some people don’t understand is built into the DNA of these doodles is real heart. A sentimentality that isn’t contrived. He’s responsible for one of the two comics that I’ve had to choke back tears from. Think about that. Dude draws misshapen cartoon faces and body proportions that would make a anatomist cringe. BUT HE KNOWS HUMAN ANATOMY WELL ENOUGH TO FIND MY GODDAMN HEART.

Some auctions. Overpriced? No.

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Sergio Aragones original art…

Well, it’s not Groo.


But on the bright side (always look on that) the piece is AWESOME. From the book “Incurably Mad” ¬†published in the late 70’s, this is apparently from the collection of a relative of Aragones who has decided to let it go. I wanted to wait on this, but it’s too close to the auction’s end not to get it up ASAP. Awesome, and some other great originals are also available…

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