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You Won’t.

You won’t spend the $60 plus shipping to buy both of these:

And then spend $25 plus shipping on these…

…so you can USE them to color both the coloring books AND the cards that came with them.

You won’t.

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When Stickers Were Awesome.

There’s a great Patton Oswalt bit about Tivo, in which he compares Tivo to a special needs child who desperately wants the scratch n sniff “Grape Job” sticker.

Now, I was never a special needs child (yes, I know it’s hard to believe), but as a little kid, I too was often rewarded with stickers. We’re talking like 1st and 2nd grade here. And while I got my fair share of scratch n sniffs, a lot of the stickers I got were more akin to these:

A 4 inch high Spider Woman makes for a grand reward. But even better than that would be if the sticker was one of the cherished PUFFY STICKERS:

Don’t pretend you don’t know the awesomeness that was puffy stickers. Stickers today just don’t measure up. I was in a store the other day, and the stickers I saw were going for some sort of 3D thing… it was the suck.

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Secret Wars

As a kid one of my favorite comic series was Secret Wars. 

A mega-Marvel crossover that pitted the biggest heroes vs. the biggest villains for the whole shebang. 

It didn’t really make much sense… but that’s because it was primarily a toy-selling vehicle. 

Which makes sense, because the toys were AWESOME. 

My favorite of all the secret wars figures, and my favorite Cap action figure ever. Please note the attention to detail, including the wings on the head. Perfect. USA. This one is apparently affordable compared to this other recently posted figure.

Two separate sets posted above, the first being more impressive than the second. Zemo, Hobgoblin, and Falcon trump the very cool and rare appearance of the Constrictor figure. Note how the top set has Kang with his… utility belt- I don’t know what to call it… that damn thing ALWAYS went missing. I had at least two Kang figures (why? who knows.) and neither had that accessory within weeks of owning it. 

Nothing says Doctor Doom like a DOOM ROLLER. This is where you start to realize you are not a 5-10 year old and this doesn’t make sense. However…

I can’t think of Captain America without picturing him sitting behind some sort of pivoting satellite dish. And obviously this has Spider-Man in his classic “behind a laser gun” stance. Iconic right here.

And here we have a more recent twist on the marketing gem of Secret Wars. I think this basically separates comic fans into two groups – those who will wear an all-over print comic themed sweatshirt and those who will not. 

[ ] will

[x] will not

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