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7 Psychopaths.

I’ve been on a big Sean Phillips kick lately, and the first comic I’m gonna bring up while I’m on it is 7 Psychopaths.

Essentially a WW2 Dirty Dozen type story, with the titular psychopaths on a suicide mission into Germany to assassinate Hitler. It follows the traditional three part flow for that sort of story: recruitment, training/downtime, and then the mission. But it doesn’t feel formulaic, despite adhering to the formula, and the English translation (7 Psychopaths was originally published in France) never finds it’s way into awkward phrasing the way translations like Battle Royale and Blacksad have.

Phillips is one of those artists who pencils are deceptively simple, and the combination of Dick Tracy comic strip and film noir that he excels at not only makes him perfectly suited to his best known* works (Criminal, Sleeper, Incognito), but for this pulp war story. As I mentioned, this was originally published in France, where as I understand it it was in an oversized format. I’d really like to find the French version just so I can see the artwork that much bigger, as it really is as cool to look at as it is to read.

*- I suppose technically his best known work to most was Marvel Zombies, but to be honest the longer that comic went on the more disappointing the series became. And that’s before it even got to the non-Kirkman/Phillips sequels. Still, for those that only know Phillips from that, here’s an OG piece of artwork from the second series:

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Comic-Con Put Me in a Dark Place

So I attended Comic-Con this past weekend. I saw the most overweight cosplay enthusiast dressed as Joker I’m likely to find. I felt bludgeoned by video game marketing. Saw some breasts. It was a roller-coaster, but in the final summation: there are worse ways to spend a weekend. So why did I leave in such a dark mood? Because I picked up Ed Brubaker’s Criminal trades.

It takes a lot to get me to read crime books or noir stories. Like a gun pressed to the side of my head. 99% of the time I’d prefer to read the packaging copy on deodorant. But Brubaker didn’t do me wrong with his Daredevil work and I needed something grounded in reality after being inundated by stormtroopers for two days.

My review: Shit was good. Really good. Pick it up. Here’s an auction for all four trades at a (currently) bargain basement price. Grab it.

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