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Top 100 Summer Comics #21

It’s easy to tell when a series is destined for a short lifespan. Even if it’s critically acclaimed, there’s NO way a Moon Knight series will ever make it past 50 issues. It’s just the way it is.

More recently, everyone was treated to the IRON FIST monthly and it ran it’s course in under two years. Name two better solo, mainstream super hero books from the past five years that were better – you can’t. But the numbers weren’t there. I don’t bemoan this point – just acknowledge, accept, and appreciate quality when it appears. If it’s in longevity admire that, but don’t be disappointed in something being GREAT for a short period.

#21 – Mystique 14

Mystique was NOT a great series. But it was surprisingly good. Despite my anti-reformed-villain-as-a-hero stance, this was well done. Sean McKeever did a superior job of writing an already interesting character and wisely steered away from cluttering the book with too much x-continuity. I remember vividly reading this issue, enjoying the series thoroughly, and still looking at the “Part 1 of 5” and thinking NO WAY does this series make it to 20 issues. ┬áBut it did. And though this issue stands out in my memory particularly, the entire series is worthwhile reading.

All 24 issues of it.

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