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A Vision Of Beauty

I’ve made it clear I love Rick Leonardi. He’s one of the unsung greats and has done more to keep me excited about comics than most of the supposed giants in the field. I’ve probably also made it clear I think the Vision is one of the characters in the Marvel universe with the most potential. He’s (it’s?) a robot that thinks like a man that thinks like a robot. At the end of the the day, what is he? He’s married, but largely incapable of the emotions that allow for a loving relationship. He’s complex, man. I feel him.

I’m also feeling this gorgeous (and weirdly affordable) page from Vision and The Scarlet Witch #1. I know, Vision isn’t on the page and I’ve got significantly less love for Wanda than I do for him, but look at panel six. Look at that. Leonardi is as much a robot as Vision. He’s a robot programmed to make the absolute best-looking comic books imaginable. Frame this.

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Wistfully Thinking Back to the Good Times

They don’t build comics like this anymore. Romance between robots and mutants! Top-tier logo design! Team-ups so inane they stretch past irrelevancy and into brilliance! These are the good ole days my friends. Look upon them and experience the sadness that comes with lost love.

AND, while you’re in that lovelorn mind-space, be sure to check this out. I’m tapped out this week otherwise I would have purchased this myself and never told you guys about the auction. This is seriously the coolest piece of original art I’ve stumbled across on Ebay. I think about calling old mutant girlfriends every time I look at it.

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From the Dark Underbelly of Original Art

Some people have regular jobs (we call them “regs” or “norms”) and, for them, Monday has some significance. I’m told these people need a pick-me-up on Monday morning to assist them through their miserable workday and unfulfilling life. To that end, I declare every workweek will begin with “Admit You Like It Monday.” On AYLIM I’ll highlight some of the more interesting original art auctions on Ebay in the hopes of making your eight hours at the foundry move along a little faster.

First, let’s admit we like this Scarlet Witch commission from Ken Branch. You may know Ken as the dude who goes to sports conventions and does original art depicting sports celebrities for them to then sign. No? You don’t know Ken Branch from that? Weird. He does a decent A-Rod. Here, he does the best Scarlet Witch I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what it is exactly about this piece that works, but SOMETHING. Wanda seems extra dynamic here.

Next up, we’ve got this White Queen illustration from Shelton Bryant. Obviously, this is the White Queen, Emma Frost, in all her glory. You can tell it’s her by the… hm… I’m actually not sure how you can differentiate this naked blonde from other naked blondes. But I’m confident that Shelton wouldn’t lie to us. It’s the White Queen. For sure.

And lastly, we’ve got this. It’s Wonder Woman. Obviously. She looks just like this in every Wonder Woman comic I’ve ever not purchased. It’s her look. Lee Rumiko, whose work really deserves a Google Image Search by everyone reading this, does the Amazonian justice here with his very realistic depiction. Admit you like it.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #71

It’s a Friday evening, been a looonnng week. So let me tell you about something that sucks.

Master Pandemonium. He sucks.

He’s got the worst style (dojo master? 70’s honky? Terrible facial hair? YUP.) and is terribly weak for someone of such alleged great mystical power. Something tells me Dr. Strange would laugh before having Wong dispose of him.


#71 – Avengers West Coast 52

John Byrne did him right. Wrote him into one helluva’ tale about the Scarlet Witch’s children and made him actually seem legit. Eery. Finally viable. After that though? Back to d-level bagain bin magic doof. (Big laughs to the series switching the title from West Coast Avengers to Avengers West Coast. Good one.)

Setting the bar: Avengers cover art

For a long time, Marvel was dominated by their merry mutants. Before that however, the Avengers were the major force. And now, they’ve regained their throne.

But as good as the series is now, without hindsight it will be impossible to really judge how great their reign has been. Looking back at the Avengers run of the early and mid 1970’s shows that they had their highs and lows, but all in all, set a new tone for art, creativity, and fast paced action. As a nod to that, I picked a handful of covers from the series between issue #50 and #100 to see just how great, ridiculous, terrible and downright perfect comic covers can be. Enjoy.

Avengers #93

aka… Thor smash Fantastic Four. Cap approve.

Avengers #71

aka… this “A” stands for wackass shield!

Avengers #57


Avengers #78

“Okay hear me out. His name is Man-Ape and he’s totally NOT offensive.”

Avengers #98

Whoever loses ends up with War-Hawk’s facial hair styling. Fight hard, brave soldiers.

Avengers #89

Classic x2.

Avengers #63

Underrated cover. Why isn’t this on a t-shirt yet?

Avengers #80

aka… Thor stupid.

Avengers #77

There are definitely far too few comics discussing super-heroes hired for manual labor these days.

Avengers #83

Classic x3. Fitting that Mr.BeathisWife is the main dude being womp’d on here.

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