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After ignoring the Vertigo series Scalped for so long, I finally did myself a favor and picked it up this weekend. And I when I say I did myself a favor, I mean I did myself a legitimate favor, because it’s AWESOME.

Scalped is like Breaking Bad and The Departed happening simultaneously on an Indian reservation, with a back story loosely based on history (all the main characters are connected to the murder of 2 FBI agents by a pro-Indian group in the 70s, a la the Leonard Peltier case. The character in jail for the murders is even drawn to look like him). Totally sweet pulpy noir goodness, with art that a lot of the time is like a cross between old Frank Miller, Cam Kennedy (Judge Dredd), and Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets).

If they’re gonna keep turning good comics into tv shows (Walking Dead, Powers), this’d be a great one to pick. A plot that has plenty of twists and turns without getting confusing, and lots of character work. A total thumbs up from me.

Scalped is ongoing, so I recommend getting the trades to get caught up, then segueing into the regular issues.

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