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Top 100 Summer Comics #7

Technical difficulties everybody…

Maybe the height of the Adam Kubert run on Wolverine. So good that the entire episode was essentially revisited in the recent Jeph Loeb, just instead of a claw through the brain he cuts his head clean off with the murmasa blade.

The story: Sabretooth has sought refuge at the Xavier Institute (the ’90s name for the School for Gifted Children) but is obviously still a total psycho killer. Wolverine gets it, but has been MIA healing and dealing with not having an adamantium skeleton. Logan comes home, and decides it’s time to take out the trash. Epic battle. Why hasn’t this been collected yet?

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Top 100 Summer Comics #69

Joe Madureira was the first big name “NEW” artist after the trifecta of Jim Lee / Rob Liefeld / Todd McFarlane hit in the late 80’s.

That’s not to say he was the first new artist who came out. The early 90’s had some gems… but none of them garnered the hype and immediate acclaim that any of the names mentioned did. Joe Mad was an instant brand.

And Marvel was NOT going to let what went down with those other three names go down again so quickly.

#69 – Uncanny X-Men 328

What’s shocking is how little comic book work he’s actually done. Including his recent 5 issue run on Ultimates 2 with Jeph Loeb, Joe Mad has done about 43 full issues. Crazy. However, about half of them were on the Uncanny X-Men. No bigs. This issue finally brought some resolution to this whole weird “Rehabilitate Sabretooth” storyline that seemed pretty ill advised. Biggest complaint about Marvel Comics creative post 1990 – TOO MUCH REHAB. Leave unadulterated evil alone. Here… wrongs were righted.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #91

Lakers v. Celtics.

Road Runner v. Willie E Coyote.

Tupac v. Biggie.

Coke v. Pepsi.

Rivalries make life great. It gives one force a polar opposite upon which direct competition reveals so many similarities; while at the same time reinforcing what defines that force’s very being.

Wolverine v. Sabretooth.

#91 – Wolverine #10

The cover was perfect. The story was perfect. Emotional, gritty, and it went beyond the “Well gee gosh they done both got claws!” that had up until this point been the relation between the two characters. Must read. John Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz absolutely earned every cent for the pencils/ink on this issue, absolutely perfect tone. What a combo.

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