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Wonder Wall

Here’s one for your wall. Don’t be a herb and squirrel this one away with your other original art. This is meant for hanging. Dining-room material. You don’t need to be a Ryan Sook fan or a Wonder Woman fan to appreciate what this would add to your office wall. It’s clean and direct, two sensibilities any room can benefit from. Buy this one and hang it, don’t hide it.

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Get Me Orange Juice, I’m High on X-Factor

Well, I’m hooked. The current Peter David X-Factor run I finally started shows much promise and I’m excited to pick up the other trades. I have a lot to catch up on. To celebrate my new love, I’m posting auctions that include the creative team of the first trade. Peter David and Ryan Sook in particular.

Will this ever be “worth” anything because it was signed by Peter David? No. Deal in reality. But if you’re going to own the issue (and you should) you may as well own one signed by David for only a dollar more.

Because I’m not a huge DC man or Mignola reader, I wasn’t intimately familiar with Ryan Sook prior to checking his X-Factor work. But I soon realized that I’ve passed by his material dozens of times. His range of work is so broad and multifaceted there is almost no disliking him as a artist. Here he is doing his best Mignola.

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