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Top 100 Summer Comics… #75

It’s the day after America’s birthday. We somehow avoided an American themed 4th of July post, and I think we’ll stick with the neutral posts today.

But somehow there’s something VERY American about Superheroes v. Superheroes. It’s not quite apple pie, but man, it’s one helluva tradition. Heroes are confused/tricked/mind-controlled and end up going at it, only to inevitably shake it off and team up to win.

And… an incredible farewell issue by Chris Claremont after some 15+ years on the X-Men.

#75 – X-Men 3

Maybe my favorite Jim Lee cover. At the time, I was so excited, thinking we were in for at least 50, maybe 100 issues of Jim Lee drawing the X-Men. Nope. Not even another 5 after this issue.

And to think… since he left, he hasn’t drawn a proper full issue of an X-book since. Has he even done a cover? Sigh.

Dear Joe Q. –

I know Jim Lee is some head honcho over at the Distinguished Competition now. But I also know how much you like music. So please… chew on this.

I try not to think about what might have been
Cause that was then
And we have taken different roads
We can’t go back again
There’s no use givin in
And theres no way to know
What might have been

Make it happen, captain.


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