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For Asgard, Ron Frenz!

Nothing makes me pine for the winter weather like a good Asgard story. All these glorious Vikings, Valkyries, and Frost Giants fighting… So cool. And for about a six year period, Ron Frenz did it better than almost anyone.

He had big shoes to fill. Saying that is about as much of an understatement as it can get. Sal Buscema did a one year run, but before that was the even present shadow of writer/artist Walt Simonson, who’s run still stands as the best on THOR. But Frenz put forth an effort that did not fall short, and though some of the stories felt dense (honestly, most Thor books of the day had this problem. can’t fault the artist) the pace and ability to just jam the pages with action was brilliant.

His style echoed of the greats like Steve Ditko and even moreso, the great Jack Kirby. Outside of George Perez, no one knew how to fill the page quite like Ron Frenz in the 1980’s, and with style like that, you know you’re doing pretty dang good.

That’s all for my original art bender. I think I got it out of my system for today.
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