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Top 100 Summer Comics #16

As a precursor to the fall DC project, I’ve been thinking about one of the weakest points of Marvel’s biggest heroes.

Past the arch enemy, the big name rival, the selection of enemies are thin, broadly speaking. Spider-Man is good, let’s mention that. He’s got depth. But what other Marvel characters have a rogues’ gallery that can compare to the Flash? Or Batman? Or Superman?

I could only come up with one.

#16 – Iron Man 220

Mid ’80s Iron Man. Somehow over the years they’ve fallen off the radar for the most part, but at one point Iron Man had a formidable selection of villains. The Ghost. Spymaster. Modok. The Controller. Madame Masque. Blizzard. Crimson Dynamo. Gray Gargoyle. AND those are just the b-rate villains. I didn’t even need to mention the Mandarin. Iron Man, led by the pencils of Bob Layton, was just on top from about issue 200 to 265 (mention to some great issues and runs from Byrne and JR Jr., respectively). Can’t miss.

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Batman Has The Best Rogue’s Gallery.

I think that’s considered common knowledge. And I’m sure it’s common knowledge around here how much a fan I am of villain-centric comic book covers. So obviously these are right up my alley. Especially the second. Killer Croc never gets the respect he deserves, and that giant bat-logo looks sick.

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Great Bat-Villain Covers.

I believe I once mentioned that a few years back, I had a semi-bizarre plan to collect Batman comics that had exceptionally cool looking covers that focused on his rogue’s gallery.

Would that I had thought to check eBay for auctions like this one…

Plus 3 more issues, with slightly less awesome covers (though the Lex Luthor with knuckle dusters cover comes pretty close to making the grade).

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