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Hard Rock Comics Nirvana #4 1992

I remember back in the early 90’s when these Rock Comics were all the rage. moulinpuj is selling issue #4 featuring Nirvana. I wonder Kurt Cobain thought about been featured in a comic.

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I Saw Faith No More Last Night In Brooklyn.

Great gig. They didn’t play Surprise, You’re Dead, and I haven’t been a huge fan since Jim Martin left, but great gig all the same. So naturally, while browsing for the day’s entries, I did a quick search for “Faith No More, comic”. I was figuring I’d find something akin to the Motorhead and Guns N Roses comics I’ve posted about in the past and I was not disappointed…

But I was not psyched, either.

What I was (and am) is confused.

Jennie Garth. Of Beverly Hills 90210. Sharing a bio comic with Faith No More.



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Jello had to have written SOMETHING appropriate for this.

Seriously, he had to have. A spoken word piece, a song lyric… SOMETHING.

But I can’t think of a single, solitary thing.

Seriously, I’ve got nuthin’.

Maybe my mind is just too blown from seeing what the a DK’s heavy metal lp cover would have looked like.

You could be mine.

Words can not do this work of art justice. And dig that back cover! Is this some sort of Terminator 2 tie in? Is there an Arnold cameo? Is there an actual story being told in the pages between these DaVinci rivaling works? WHO CARES!

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