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Slightly More Dynamic Than the “Slinky” Comic Book

When Bing McCoy and Richard Levy sold their patent on a crappy silver space doll to Parker Brothers, could they have known what they had unleashed onto the world? For those of you without inside knowledge of third-tier comic books of the 80’s, ROM, the spaceknight, was a toy BEFORE he was the subject of his own Marvel comic book.

Given his background, a natural skepticism is well-founded. Is ROM the biggest clown-ass huckster ever to perpetrate his derivative fraud of a book onto the shelves? Or, is he a vibrant character pulled from the least likely of inspirations? Moreover, can a turd of an idea generate good art, if given over to good artists?

Most of these questions go unanswered, as ROM has slipped off the fringe of the cultural radar he once occupied and now enjoys none of the recognition his hero peers enjoy. Perhaps that lack of staying power says it all?

Here’s a cover proof for a particularly unmoving issue of ROM. Robot with metal mittens fights a lamp. This baby has “Eisner winner” written all over it.

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