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Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson

Jerry Robinson passed today. You’ll be hearing a lot about his struggle for creator rights and many people will testify about his ability as an illustrator. I’ll let them do the heavy-lifting and I’ll leave it at this. Thanks, Mr. Robinson.

I chose an auction everyone can afford. If you’re looking for first-printings of Jerry’s work- it’s going to cost you. While you’re saving up for those, buy this. It’s a good-looking, signed print.

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Posters Of the Damned

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll post some items you may actually want. But today I’d like to take a minute and celebrate the auction items that are just shy of being given away for free. I don’t want to call them the dredges of the promotional poster world, but they’re undersized, under-realized, and often hawking characters or series no one cares about. They’re hard sells. But being set at rock-bottom prices turns a hard sell into a “why not” and that’s where these auctions find themselves. Check’m out and get impulsive.

I would buy a Frank Quitely illustration of a photo of my girl with another man. That’s how much I love his work. But what the hell am I looking at? The female, bug, Angel? Was any effort made to make her a real character? Why does a poster of her even exist?

George Perez at not his finest moment. Is it bad? No. But is it as good as Perez gets? Hell no. Also, I lose track of which Robin people care about and which they think is stupid. This one has my vote for stupid.

This one is a little different because this person isn’t selling a single poster, but a service. They are available for poster commissions of the sort you’re currently looking at. How can you say no? Anything you want drawn, in any medium! And at that price- so worth it!

And my favorite, a promotional poster for a series so forgettable and ill-conceived that I needed a reminder not only that it exists but that series of this type still exist. Thanks, poster.

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Who knew fighting crime could be so cutesy wootsy?

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All I Wanted Was A Pepsi…

Just one Pepsi.

With a lot of ice. In a DC Comics superhero glass…


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You Won’t.

You won’t spend the $60 plus shipping to buy both of these:

And then spend $25 plus shipping on these…

…so you can USE them to color both the coloring books AND the cards that came with them.

You won’t.

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You know it’s bad when…

Robin is commenting that you have too many brightly colored outfits.

For real Bruce. I would like to see the Otherworld where this caught on. And actually, didn’t DC just recycle this idea for the Green Lantern series?

This kind of zaniness is one of the most charming things about DC of the era. Very little can top the somewhat ambiguous tone of Batman in red (I think everyone with any knowledge of the color wheel would call that magenta, or perhaps even fuchsia), looking over one shoulder at his myriad of other batsuits while Robin reprimands him. If you ever needed the inspiration for the Ambiguously Gay Duo, it came from these here pages. Incredible.
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Riddle me this. 

Three vintage sticker packs from the 1970’s. 

Featuring some of DC’s best known characters, despite the dubiously missing Superman. 

Now why in the world would two of the three be bid on, but the third remains bidless? 

This world is full of mysteries.  

1 bid.

1 bid.

Zero bids.

Like I said… Weird.

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