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Did I click the wrong link?

“Wait. Is this my daughter’s blog feed?

Why is there a box of rings on this comic blog? 

I am not interested in this. BAH.” 

But wait… let’s pop the hood on this “fashion rings” disguise.

BOOM! Marvel hero rings. I wish I could find a better image somewhere online but no luck. Looks like a big selection, with Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Ghost Rider, and Dr. Strange.

Overall the selection makes some sense, considering the time frame this likely comes from. I’m actually shocked NOT to see a Power Man and Iron Fist ring, but hey, the 70’s was unpredictable like that. (Not that I’d really know, I’m an eighties baby). Spider-Woman was basically the female Gambit of the 70’s – came out of the gate raging, but eventually fell out of popularity. I would bet money on a Gambit resurgence in 2015-2020. Bank it. Captain Marvel was big, Ghost Rider was huge, and the Hulk and Spider-Man both had bigger mainstream success. Dr. Strange also somehow found his niche – I’ve always really liked Dr. Strange but never really understood his popularity. Time to pull out the long boxes because my father was a huge Dr. Strange head – the only book he would buy old issues of. 

 Can’t see this being purchased for the price tag, but who knows. Maybe the Mandarin has a lot of kids with a whole lot of fingers…

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