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Batman Has The Best Rogue’s Gallery.

I think that’s considered common knowledge. And I’m sure it’s common knowledge around here how much a fan I am of villain-centric comic book covers. So obviously these are right up my alley. Especially the second. Killer Croc never gets the respect he deserves, and that giant bat-logo looks sick.

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Great Bat-Villain Covers.

I believe I once mentioned that a few years back, I had a semi-bizarre plan to collect Batman comics that had exceptionally cool looking covers that focused on his rogue’s gallery.

Would that I had thought to check eBay for auctions like this one…

Plus 3 more issues, with slightly less awesome covers (though the Lex Luthor with knuckle dusters cover comes pretty close to making the grade).

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Who wants to go on an Argentinian Mystery Bat-adventure?

Is it a toy? Is it a game? Maybe a puzzle? Who knows! If you ask me, it looks like it’s probably something akin to Shrinky Dinks. $29.99 seems a lot to ask for something so vaguely described, but I guess that’s part of the adventure.

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