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One last 70’s retro trip…

I apparently woke up with bell bottoms on this morning, as well as coming across an absolute treasure chest of 70’s Marvelmania.

With vinyl making a comeback, it would be incredible if these came back. 

But somehow I doubt it. Strongly. 

I had a couple of these record + book combos. Both DC, one Superman, one Batman, both actually really cool. But this looks amazing. An origin issue? Who’s doing the voices? The cover art is redone, is the interior a redo of FF #1? These are questions I need answers to. At $9.00, that seems like a pretty worthwhile price tag. I’m scared off a bit by not seeing the vinyl however; given that these were primarily made for young children, I can bet that most fall well short of any passable VF/F or G/VG grade for the vinyl. Someone should take the plunge.

Dear Brian M. Bendis,

I’m not sure where your educational career ended. You seem fairly educated, but no details were divulged on your wikipedia page (you might want to update that) regarding higher education. 

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Ipad has made quite a splash on the… consumerism scene this week, and at some point in the not too distant future, it could render text books nearly extinct. As someone who experienced purchasing expensive college textbooks, I am happy about this innovation. Down with textbooks. 

But I know of your true passion. He’s above. He’s around. He’s… ready. Not for some new Avengers spin-off (I enjoy them all), but to be put to use before it’s too late. Do the right thing. Buy this, now. There’s an option for that. That’s actually your only option. Enroll in a class. Any class. It doesn’t matter what as long as you have a textbook. And, as Randy Bachman would ask, take care of business



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