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Dream Reaver, I Believe You Can Get Me Through The Night

So the Reavers are one of the greatest team of minions ever to grace the pages of a Marvel comic, right? No debate there. But what makes them so great exactly? The perfect amount of personality. They are distinct, but not really. They have personalities, but not overwhelming ones. The closest they have to a “face” on the team is a dude who was shot in the head and never talked about again. Because getting shot in the head is what a real minion does! He plays third-string and may be cut during training camp, but he still reports to work. This post is devoted to the Reavers. They played their positions. Best worthless characters ever.

First appearance. Silvestri looking good. Cyborgs and mutants.

This is where a shared universe pays off: “Neat” character appearances that don’t change much for either party. What? That’s not character driven storytelling? Go read Harry Potter, nerd. This is the Punisher, a man whose aims and ambitions are set in stone, and the Reavers, a team whose purpose is to shoot things they are told to shoot. Don’t get heavy on me.

And what’s this? The obligatory piece of crap licensing that everyone would be better off forgetting happened? Yes. It is.

And my favorite single issue of any comic ever? Yes! I goddamn love this book and have no idea why. Maybe it’s Forge, who I have a weird crush on. I’m 1/14th American Indian so maybe I’m distantly vibing with this dude on some ancient ley lines sort of trip. Or maybe that last statement was semi-racist and really I just love Freedom Force who also appear in this book.

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