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A Very Speedy Turtle

Anyone remember Cobi? He was the 1992 Olympic mascot. He’s a┬áCatalan Cubist sheepdog. I remember watching something about his designer. Dude could draw Cobi in 4 seconds. This stands out in my memory because even as a kid I remember thinking, “I’m not sure anything that take 4 seconds to draw is all that valuable. Seems like the dude didn’t put much effort into Cobi.”

Well, apparently something that takes 4 seconds to draw DOES have value. In this case, a Kevin Eastman doodle of the Ninja Turtle Donatello that may have taken 3 seconds to draw comes with a $75 asking price. I know it took 3 seconds because I’ve watched Kevin do this exact sketch as part of his signature on comic books and memorabilia. So my question to the seller of this auction: Why would I pay $75 for this sketch on a piece of paper when I can find the exact same sketch on an issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a like price? Am I going to frame this one? Doubt it. Looks like shit. Drop that price and we’ll talk.

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