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Jae Lee reminding me of R. Pettibon ?

While I would almost never before or after have thought this…

After seeing the below original art I was forced to compare this Jae Lee page to Raymond Pettibon art.

As a big fan of Mr. Pettibon’s stark and decidedly disturbing style, I take that as no light comparison. But when I see the creepiness and thin lines of this page – I see it. Look at each panel on it’s own, save the Cap panel, and with a deranged quote they are instantly worthy of being thrown on a Black Flag album. Kudos. This one is going soon, but at a VERY reasonable price. Might have to throw a bid in…

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Pettibon rules.

I was uncertain as to whether or not a zine of Raymond Pettibon art really counted as a comic, but since the seller listed this in the Comics section, I’m going with absolutely. Pettibon, for those who don’t know (and shame on you if you don’t), is the artist responsible for the artwork on the classic Black Flag album covers and fliers of the 80s (artwork that could be described as one page satirical comics). This is a zine he sold at a 2006 gallery showing, limited to 450.

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