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Yes, I know. I’ve been phoning it in lately, showing up pretty much just for RCBF. I make no excuses, but I do promise to try and do better. Been reading a lot of comics, plan on doing a lot of reviews. I’ll make good soon enough. In the meantime, here are this weeks selections…

The description on the signed X-men issue is pretty great, on a couple levels…

singed by matt ryan, other than that nothing special about the issue.

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Random Comic Book Fridays Are Back.

You miss it?

As always, the deal is that I just enter the words “comic book” in the search field, with whatever settings I currently have going at the time, and post the first 2 things that come up (that aren’t ending in the next 30 seconds at least).

Oddly enough, this week what came up weren’t even actual comic books, nor did they even have the words “comic book” in the description…

Ah, Alex Ross. If ever a comic book artist’s work were suitable for framing, it’s his.

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Random Comic Book Friday.

Two good auctions this week, as we get the Death’s Head II 4 issue mini-series, and an auction for 2 issues of some pre-Agent of SHIELD style Nicky Fury goodness. Oddly enough, I just re-read the What If… issue based off the Death’s Head II mini (What If… Death’s Head I Had Lived?) just a couple hours ago.

Great cover. Makes me think of the movie Stalag 17.

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Random Comic Book Friday Yo!

Today you can spend your money on a box o comix, or a middle of the road graded X-men #15, featuring the second appearance of the Sentinels. Odds on that issue turning up in the box o comix… probably not good.

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Random Comic Book Friday!

A ninja turtle and a barbarian fool. Good combo.

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Random Comic Book Friday. On Tuesday.

Since my computer mishaps prevented me from doing one last week or yesterday, let’s play a quick game of catch up…

Yeesh. On second thought, maybe we should have just skipped the week.

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Another Random Comic Book Friday.

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Happy Random Comic Book Friday!

Gonna keep it short and sweet this week; I have a TNA wrestling show at MCU Park in Brooklyn to get to and NY traffic means leaving 3 hours early…

This Friday’s random comics are all about monsters (Journey Into Mystery #86 is actually coming up first, but since I already posted about it this week I disqualified it).

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Did I Miss A Random Comic Book Friday?

I do believe I did. Sorry about that, I got this new toy called an iPad and was busy playing with the Marvel and DC apps for most of last week… they’re pretty sweet, I’ve gotta say. Anyways, to make up for it, here are not 2, but THREE random comics (well, 2 comics and one comic strip):

Ok, wait, really? $19.99 BIN for issue 12 of the latest volume of New Mutants? At first my mind was kind of blown, but then I checked into it and saw that yes, many copies of this issue have gone in the 15-20 dollar range (the David Finch varient gets into the upper 20s/30 dollar range). And there are other copies up with BIN’s in the $35-50 range, so hey, this is actually a bargain.

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Random Comic Book Fridays #2.

Some good stuff this week on Random Comic Book Friday, where I enter “comic book” in the search field, hit enter, and post the first two things that come up.

This week, it’s apparently all about Spiderman.

This second auction is particularly interesting, as it’s a “chase” auction, where you pay your $19.99 and get sent a comic picked at random from the ones pictured. Highly appropriate for Random Comic Book Friday.

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