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For some random reason, I decided to search for this Incredible Hulk one shot today. I have no idea why; I owned it as a kid, and I distinctly remember that it wasn’t anywhere close to a classic read…

…and when I found it, I also found this awesome piece of original Gahan Wilson cartooning:

Given the price, I have a hunch no one’s going to buy it any time soon tho, heheheh… funny thing is tho, I had totally forgotten that Marvel actually had a super villain named Quasimodo (short for Quasi-Motivational Destruct Organism, duh): a sentient computer that was given a cyborg body by the Silver Surfer, and got pissed off that the body was ugly and turned evil.

Even funnier than this characters mere existence is that they brought him back some 20 years later to “compile” the Dark Reign Files for Norman Osborn.

Actually, I take it back. That’s a pretty good modern day use for an evil, sentient computer system from the 60s with a silly Victor Hugo inspired name and character design.

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