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Try Not To Get the Blood of Criminals On It

After scouring the internet for a wearable Punisher shirt, I’m happy to report I found a COOL Punisher shirt. Not only would I wear this, but I will wear this unless one of you beat me to it.

Look at this. Crisp, white shirt. Zeck art on an empty field. Beautiful. This makes me want to hit the streets and start my own war on crime. Forget those hideous shirts and jackets being produced now. Go classic. Go 1987.

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Just In Case You Forgot. PUNISHER RULES.

Time for your once a week, Mike Zeck-is-awesome-and-the-Punisher-is-one-of-the-most-fun-characters-ever-created post. But this one has a twist. It’s the first holy-crap-is-this-seller-crazy-or-does-the-market-really-demand-a-price-that-high-for-this-admittedly-awesome-poster post.

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The Bus Made Me Do It

Just got off a three day long bus ride from one side of the country to the other. If you want to know exactly how the whole thing felt, pick up this single issue of Punisher War Journal. You can see me as the Punisher or as the dude trying to kill him. At times I felt like both. Just as Frank Castle was changed by Vietnam, so too was I changed by my tour of duty on the bus. Now all I need is that moment that pushes me over the edge. For Frank, it was the loss of his family. The bus is more severe than armed combat so it will probably take less to turn me into the Punisher. Maybe the loss of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Punishment- Punisher Max Style

“Come on God answer me. For years I’ve been asking you, why are the innocent dead and the guilty still alive? Where is justice? Where is punishment? Or have you already said to the world, ‘here is justice, here is punishment’, here in me”. These are the words of the immortal Dolph Lungren who has probably done the best job of portraying Marvel’s Punisher. As sad as it is to say the 1989 Punisher movie directed by Mark Goldbatt [Dead Heat anyone?] is still the closest thing we have to a good Punisher movie. Sure Thomas Jane gave it a good shot in the 2004 Punisher movie , but he was hampered by a shitty script and John “aww jeez” Travolta. Then there was The Punisher Warzone movie which we shall never speak of. However Punisher Warzone was intended to be a film adaptation of The Punisher Max series which has become a rebirth for one Marvel’s blackest sheep. The Max series was the Punisher re-imagined by Garth Ennis, best known for his work on Preacher and Hellblazer; with Punisher Max he created a hard edged, real world take on The Punisher’s universe. The Punisher’s typical rogues gallery is not present in the series, the villains were instead made up of much more monstrous beings such as pedophiles, human traffickers , mass murdering war criminals, etc … The stories in the Max series are far more brutal than anything Marvel has published before, and never has a character been more befitting of such a setting. The Max series allowed for a “no holds barred” approach for the Punisher, featuring copious amounts of violence, foul language, nudity, and all the stuff that made R-rated movies so much more fun as a kid. In this story line, the forth volume of the Max series, The Punisher is baited into a full scale war with Mafia after newly appointed mob boss Nicky Cavella digs up the graves of Frank Castle’s family and pisses on their remains, all the while videotaping the event and sending it to local new stations. What follows is one of the greatest retributions in comic history as The Punisher massacres all held accountable. Up is Down Black is White describes what happens to The Punisher when he loses control of his thirst for vengeance, nothing can stop him. This is The Punisher as he was meant to be, unrelenting, ferocious, a nightmare to those who prey upon the innocent. If you haven’t read a Punisher comic before or if you just haven’t picked one up for a while then this is the place to start. Unfortunately Ennis stopped writing Punisher Max somewhere around issue 60, which is when it was subsequently cancelled and then brought back with new artists and writers. This volume features art from Leandro Fernandez who perfectly captures the level of violence that The Punisher is capable of, this is justice, this is punishment.

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Wolverine #48-50 “The Shiva Scenario” Comic Set

I remember buying this three part series back in the early 90’s from Thunder Road Comics. This was my first venture into Wolverine. Up until that point I had been a Spiderman and Punisher fan. I think it was the awesome artwork by Marc Silvestri that attracted me to it. carmsadoll is selling this for a decent price. In today’s comic market it is really hard to sell anything. But if you like a good origin story told through flashbacks with ensemble of guest stars this is for you. Logan is back at it trying to discover who he is and where he came from.

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Seduction of the Willing

A good chunk of the people I follow on Twitter are comic book professionals. It’s interesting to see what they opt to reveal and what they choose to keep close to the chest. It’s especially gratifying to see them bicker. They spend a lot of time they could be writing, penciling, inking, or coloring, talking about who is to blame for the shrinking comic book market. They like to blame pirates, but they most like to blame each other. A finger is constantly being pointed at the Big Two for not offering enough all-ages reading options. Some of these people actually believe that kids want to read books aimed at kids.

Here’s my argument against that nonsense. The Punisher was the most badass character I could find on the racks at Fay’s Drugstore when I was prepubescent. So I loved him. By the time his self-titled book debuted he was the vanguard of scandalous shit at Marvel. Not only did he shoot people in the head with BULLETS, he also got laid once every 30 issues. He was a violent, malicious, asshole way before Garth Ennis made him a violent, malicious boardwalk caricature.

Kids don’t want to read things aimed at kids. They want to be adults. Make children’s comics and do an alright business with libraries, but you won’t see kids picking those books up at the comic shop. Kids want blood, sex, and swears.

Here’s one of the three (?) Mike Zeck posters from the Punisher’s halcyon days. This is one that does not feature blood, but if I was 9 years-old I think blood would be a major improvement. Pick this up and frame it.

Spoiler Alert: Want to know why the comics market is decreasing? Because all forms of entertainment are crushed by new forms of entertainment. Comics are now for people who love comics, not for someone who requires yet another entertainment option. Is that really a turn for the worse? I couldn’t say, but unless one of these creators has the power to stop cable television and video games from being produced, I think they should realign their thinking.

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Random Comic Book Fridays #2.

Some good stuff this week on Random Comic Book Friday, where I enter “comic book” in the search field, hit enter, and post the first two things that come up.

This week, it’s apparently all about Spiderman.

This second auction is particularly interesting, as it’s a “chase” auction, where you pay your $19.99 and get sent a comic picked at random from the ones pictured. Highly appropriate for Random Comic Book Friday.

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Action Figures Shouldn’t Talk.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule or anything, just a personal preference. I find it kind of creepy.

Especially when you look at who is doing the talking in this line of talking Marvel figures.

So let’s just break it down.

Threats of murder. Daydreams of cannibalism. Declarations of genetic superiority. “I’m a machine gun rat a tat tat!” All coming from the “mouths” of tiny plastic toys.

Nope, not creepy at all.

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Punisher. Wolverine. Jim Lee. In the jungle.

Probably the work that put Jim Lee on everyone’s radar, Punisher / Wolverine : The African Saga is what it is. A great platform for a young artist to kick ass.

The story is fine. I enjoyed it. But for the life of me, I can’t remember any of it. Help?

Regardless… here’s a classic 80’s t celebrating it. Wow.

How do you know it’s original? Oh, I bet our friends over at teetilldeath recognize this tag. Screen Stars. The official brand of all great 80’s t-shirts.

Oh and in case you actually wanted to read the book, it’s out of print. Wha? How does that work?? Two of Marvel’s biggest characters, drawn by one of the most popular artists of all time, and it’s not in print?! Someone throw up the Spidey Signal and get to work!

Luckily… here’s an out of print collection of this series. Thank us later.

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Everyone… dead?

So I had a rather in-depth conversation regarding auditory hallucination vs. negative impulse control and that led me to think…

It’s a violent world. 

And for some reason, we (as humans) seem to be somewhat obsessed with not only violence, but death. And we (as comic fans) reflect that very same thing. Big two, let’s see what you’ve got.

DC? How about… LOBO. DC’s finest badass of the late 80’s and early 90’s… I think he’s lost his bite as of late, but that’s bound to turn around. 

Marvel? No one’s deadlier than Frank Castle… aka…

Or, if a deal is what you seek, howzabout that 2nd printing? 

Or maybe you want to get metaphysical with me and Neil Gaiman. And Death. 

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