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Top 100 Summer Comics #51

I think you have to love that the premise of every Alpha Flight comic can be the same as a very bad joke.

“So, a Canadian, a Midget, and a Magician walk into a…”

Essentially, you have to suspend belief beyond the point of a man in a costume who can fly. Beyond human genome mutation to the point of super hero powers. You have to believe in the power of the northern lights, that the Canadian government is a corrupted, ruthless threat, and that glorified carnies will serve as humanities’ salvation.

#51 – Alpha Flight #1

Yeah, I’m looking at you, Puck.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #86

I’m a sucker for Alpha Flight.

They were the weird, twisted bizarre Canadian superhero team. A perfect blend of odd and relatable characters, that whole proto-government team permeated the entire series, and has there been a better blueprint for that than the Alpha / Beta / Gamma Flight teams? Department H was the concept that spawned all sorts of government paranoia / big brother ideas in the Marvel U.

But the series would also get kind of weird.

#86 – Alpha Flight 67

Remember Shaman? Snowbird? Yeah, Canada is mystical as hell. And as such, what better villain to introduce than Dreamqueen, the tortured spawn of Nightmare? What other superhero book could transition from government control overtones to dreamscape villains easier than the ‘Flight? None. This issue stands out – and in no small part due to that cover. Killer.

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Our Neighbors to the North

Let’s be real: Alpha Flight is the coolest hero team imaginable. They’ve got mutants; they’ve got freaks of science; they have people living an alternative lifestyle; they’ve got aliens; they’ve got spirit animals; they’ve got robots sort-of; they’ve got tumblers; they’ve got something for everyone. Everyone except the American comic-buying public who repeatedly shun the Flight like it’s Power Pack. Those fools don’t know what they’re missing. This book had real moments of greatness. This shirt emblazoned with Alpha Flight characters has nothing but moments of greatness. It’s great all day. Byrne’s finest hour.

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