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Required reading.

You have a little over 24 hours to outbid this guy and scoop this trade up for dirt cheap.

Written by Alan Moore. Drawn by Alan Davis. That should be a ’nuff said right there, but I’ll continue. In these pages you get:

Psylocke, when she was still plain old Betsy Braddock, British psychic agent.
Slaymaster going on a Scanners style massacre of said psychic agents.
The Captain Britain Corps. Mad Jim Jaspers.
And best of all, super hero killing machine called THE FURY~!

Classic, CLASSIC stuff.

Get it and team it up with this collection of the Davis and Delano issues that immediately followed Moore’s departure, which introduced Excalibur mainstay Meggan and set the stage for Betsy to become Psylocke, courtesy of a completely vicious Slaymaster beatdown.

Settle down in a comfy chair with a cup of tea some rainy weekend and enjoy.

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