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Happy Prezident’s Day.

It’s President’s day, and what better way to celebrate than by reading the adventures of a young, idealistic President voted in by an unprecedented out pouring of young voter support, trying to reign in the big businesses that got him elected?

No, don’t go reading the news, that’s just gonna bum you out.

I’m talking about the 4 issue DC series Prez, where an teenager manages to get elected President, then proceeds to fight corporate interests led by Boss Smiley, who basically has a flesh colored smiley face button for a head…

Definitely a weird comic. I mean it had equal parts satire and whimsy, but mostly it was really freakin’ weird. The character has showed up a handful of times since the abrupt cancellation of the series, most notably when Neil Gaiman pulled the character out of mothballs for a hot minute during his Sandman run. But even with the general weirdness of the Sandman series attached, that story still wasn’t as weird as some of the stuff in the original 4 issues… his FBI chief was an Indian who lived in a tee-pee in the woods with a crew of animals that included a gorilla and an elephant, and issue 4 had legless vampires. Seriously.

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